Shareholder loan taxation
Shareholders of a company can withdraw money from a corporation through various methods including salary, dividends, management fees, and shareholder loans. The intention of this guide is to provide a detailed description of shareholder loans in simple layman terms. What Is a Shareholder Loan? Each option to withdraw money from a corporation has specific benefits and tax implications. It’s important to understand each of these to determine if taking a shareholder loan is the right option for you. The Canadian
Finding a great bookkeeper will make a huge difference for your business. You must find the right person for the job as bookkeeping mistakes can cost you a lot of time and money. Having an experienced bookkeeper will make your life simple and let you focus on what you need to do to keep your business running smoothly.  Determine Your Bookkeeping Needs The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of bookkeeping support that your business
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The financial health of your business is critical to its success. In addition to providing your customers with your products and services, there are many other business activities that an owner must handle to keep their company running smoothly. Bookkeeping is probably the most important of them all. Your books are the compass that helps you make timely and wise decisions. For this reason, you must ensure that you have an experienced bookkeeper as a part of your team.  Cash
Holding Company Office Buiding
Holding companies are a common term that many people associate with big businesses and offshore accounts in Canada. In major Canadian centers like Vancouver, holding companies are quite common.  But holding companies are not just reserved for large businesses in Canada. However, before a business dives into owning and using holding companies for their local or small business, they need to ask themselves – is it worth it?  A good place to start, to better understand holding companies and whether
Vancouver businesses are looking for ways to make their businesses more profitable and efficient. Outsourcing specialized tasks such as bookkeeping can help ensure accurate books, reduce your costs, and free up valuable time for business owners to focus on important tasks. Let’s take a look at why you should outsource bookkeeping. Reduce Staffing Costs Outsourcing your bookkeeping can be a great way to reduce costs. Having an accountant or bookkeeper on staff can be expensive. In Vancouver, the average bookkeeper makes