Top Ten Bookkeeping Tips Managing your company’s finances can be challenging. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or a seasoned business professional looking for ways to improve your business processes, here are ten bookkeeping tips to help you.   Leave personal expenses out of your business Sometimes owners don’t know where their business ends and personal life begins. Given the number of hats that they typically wear, it’s hard not blend work with home-life. But when it comes
Employers must comply with the standards under BC’s Employment Standards Act (the “ESA”).   The ESA governs how employers must pay their employees. It also describes the benefits that employees are entitled to, including vacation pay. ANNUAL VACATION Employees become eligible for vacation pay after they have completed five calendar days of employment.   Employers should start calculating, or accruing, this vacation time when the employee first starts. After one year of continuous service, employees are entitled to two weeks of paid